Thursday, September 18, 2014

Imperfection is the New Perfection - Fall/Winter 2015/16 Color Trends

I recently attended the most beautiful trend presentation for Fall/Winter 2015/16 presented by the Italian group, Lineapelle. The crux of the presentation revolved around light, and specifically asked us to consider, “what influence does light play in our lives?” and “what's it's role in the modern world?”

Against the premise that "color is light," and that we are seeing a shift towards transparencies and whitening, Lineapelle’s color trends were as follows.

Trend #1, called "DETOX," includes softer and lighter pastels.

Trend #2, entitled "TONING," is about seeing life through saturated colors.  

Trend #3, called "EX BLACK," moves away from strictly black to one that incorporates a heavy addition of black in to colors to it give an effect of being almost black.  

Trend #4, called "DECANTER," is made up of deep and warm purples.

Some of the notable observations of what is trending included that

1) There's a crossover between food and fashion.

2) There's a new attitude of what beauty means, and with it is a move towards authenticity and "normality" including the embracing of our (women's) curves as well as a "selfie” aesthetic.

3) We’re seeing natural fibers, including tweeds, together with precise tailoring to create a contemporary feeling and nostalgia at same time.

4) We are seeing a push to take back control of what we are doing and going "hyperlocal" with an emphasis on starting with quality materials. 

5) Textiles will be light, airy and curvy.

6) There’s a strive for simplicity and minimalism but with character, and smooth clean finishes.

7) There's a visionary aspect of the season that includes intelligent fibers and products, and wearable technology.

8) Imperfection is the new perfection.

9) We’re seeing strong leather e.g., grained leather in camel and oak colors, and steel influences.

10) Oxidization, cracked finishes and polishes or glosses are emerging as trends.

11) Gold’s prominence is taking a back seat and we’re seeing it in smaller details now, more as embellishments.

12) Upholstery looks, and very ornate and rich patterns are trending.

13) Reflected geometries.

14) Fashion is interested in automobile design - smooth designs.

15) Maxi length in coats and dresses.

16) An oversizing of minimal.

 Hope you enjoyed reading this trend information!

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Friday, September 5, 2014

EVENT CANCELED - TO BE RESCHEDULED Celebrate NY Fashion Week With This Free Event on Thurs. Sept. 11th 6 PM at 188 Madison Ave. (at 34th St - SIBL Library)

Hope you can come out and join myself and Kenyatta Adams of the USPS 
for a presentation on export success for e-commerce fashion sellers!

No registration is required.  Seating is first come first served.  Doors open at 5:45 pm.  See you there!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Country of Origin? How About City of Origin?

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has created a "Brooklyn Made" designation available to businesses located in Kings County, NY. 

With the boost in popularity of the "Brooklyn" brand, this marking is in its most simplest form a protectionist measure against non-Brooklyn based companies seeking to capitalize on the borough’s growing popularity.

As discussed in this week's AM New York (photo above), factors for attaining one of the three levels of the "Made in Brooklyn" insignia offered by the Chamber are, not surprisingly, akin to some of those same considerations US Customs looks at when it analyzes country of origin marking and value claims on imported products.  Factors include the amount of raw materials obtained within the territory (i.e. originating materials), level of manufacturing (think: substantial formation) and, the local labor used (i.e., overhead and labor, in value considerations).

More on the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce can be found here.

As an aside, manufacturing in Brooklyn has been on an upward swing with the neighborhood Sunset Park rapidly emerging as a manufacturing, artist and fashion destination as the waterfront warehouses are being converted into mixed-use spaces that are supporting more than just manufacturing. 

We will be watching closely as the development of this cool Brooklyn neighborhood continues!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Washington DC Gets Ready to Discuss AGOA, Textiles From Africa, and More

On Friday August 1, 2014, the Civil Society of the AGOA Forum will be hosting its own two-day meeting under the theme “AGOA:Re-Authorization beyond 2015.”    Time is running out to register but you still can here.

The purpose of this meeting is to come up with written recommendations for presentation to the Ministerial Session of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) during the Africa Summit beginning August 5, 2014.

As described by the AGOA Civil Society Network, the AGOA “is a trade mechanism that was passed by the US Government in 2000 to encourage US-Africa trade.   AGOA currently provides the 40 AGOA-eligible countries with:

-   - Most liberal access to US markets for any country or region without at free trade agreement

-   - Reinforced Africa reform and development efforts, and

-   - Access to US credit and technical expertise.”

Other posts related to AGOA and textiles can be found here.

The Foundation for Democracy in Africa is likewise hosting an event on August 5, 2014 entitled “AGOA CSO Session: 13th US-Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation AGOA Forum.  This event will have a focus on human rights and democratic reform, among other topics.  Tickets are free but registration is required.

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